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Medical Life Insurance

Life Insurance With Critical Illness Coverage

Low cost medical life insurance that pays you cash above and beyond what any other insurance pays--if you end up having cancer, heart attack, stroke, terminal illness, total permanent disability, major heart surgery, renal failure, and of course premature death.

This can help pay copayments, and deductibles your health insurance doesn't cover. With a critical illness you may miss a lot of work time, this can help you still pay the bills.

This can be another integral part of the whole bundle or package you put together to give you additional protection in the event you are not able to get a regular full benefit health insurance plan. See pre existing condition condition.

You can get this coverage for a rather low cost per month--what a complement to a health plan!

This is not an offer; it is only a brief description, and you'll need more details to make a decision. For a quote and more details please email us at critical@abehealth.com
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